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Romans 8:13 and dancing

Romans 8:13 states that, "..when god is for us, who can be against us?"

In many churches, this functions as a reminder "god is on my side." This suggests that any trouble one has is only temporary and god is just waiting to resolve it with a positive outcome.

Of course, this cry falls on deaf ears when made by mothers in war zones, children with cancer, rape and torture victims. But for "believers," who TRULY believ, he deserves the extra credit  when you get that job, or have a positive medical outcome that doctors were pessimistic about.

There is also another function this serves, and the message is more subtle. The most fervent believers are *absolutely convinced* that they have God on their side in the positions they hold. This is dangerous. This enables believers to believe that any outcome is possible, if they believe and fight hard enough for it. This also means that any act is excusable, even the inexcusabl, because they performed it with "go…

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